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We were founded in 1998 with a mission to provide clear concise dealer education and eliminate the absence of good information about becoming a licensed california used car dealer acquiring full auction access & dealer license plates.

Our DMV certified car dealer school, TriStar Motors LLC, DMV Educator CCC004 has become the largest & oldest car dealer school in california.

We specialize in clear concise instruction

with clever complete compliance.

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Successful people reach out to those that have made the trip before them and learn from their mistakes. DMV makes a lot of mistakes.

– Al Perini


Officer Tom Kracke of the SFPD came down with bone marrow cancer and was the poster child for our first car donation program. Officer Kracke and was the proud father of 3 sons at the time of his passing. His courage and strength in the face of a terminal cancer inspired us to raise buckets of money for him and his family. Tom always kept a smile on his face. We still miss him.


SFPD Chief Fred Lau threw his support behind our effort first called the Catastrophic Illness Account sponsored by President Al Triguero & the SFPOA.

Officer Kracke’s out of pocket expenses and several memory making trips were financed by this first fundraising effort.

The project took on a life of its own including DC Reed’s infamous bedroom mirrors prize.


SFPD Chief Fred Lau insisted we seek out and operate using a dealer license despite assurances that the program as an extension of an IRS approved charity was exempt from dealer licensing requirements. We went to DMV car dealer school.

TriStar Motors

The initial dealer license class in 1997 was poorly written and DMV inspectors tried to teach the class to car dealer applicants. Al Perini quickly saw an opportunity with our 75 years as experienced training officers for the SFPD. TriStar Motors was born.

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